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By Chris Zinck on 5/12/2011 12:00 AM
Here’s a problem we just figured out today. Implementing the new Sage ERP Accpac desktop Icon protocol requires that you provide a DLL with three entry points that get called when the desktop initializes.

We had all sorts of trouble getting the System Manager to load and run our DLL. We messed around with different ways to export the entry points, we implemented the DLL in a pure C environment (instead of a C++ file) and we moved the code into our activation view and exposed it there. None of it would work. So, we built a completely stand alone file and erected the basic protocol with nothing else. Presto! The DLL loaded and ran.

Cool, we didn’t really understand why, but what the hell it works. We then started adding real code to make the code do something.

Uh Oh…it’s broken again. What did we do? Well, we added calls to a dependency. Another DLL that has some support code. Why would that break it?

It turns out that when the Icon Protocol DLL is called, the working directory is NOT...



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